Complete Guide to Set Up Outlook Account & Configure with Exchange Server

In today scenario, it has been seen that web mail clients are very simple to use and providing their valuable services for maintaining security. But they have two aspects too. They are good in their services however, data becomes inaccessible in absence of network connectivity. After considering all these factors, users are preferably shifting to desktop email clients.Outlook in conjunction of Exchange Server and Active Directory makes it a choice overseas. Firstly, have a look what is a Profile in MS Outlook.

Outlook profile is made up with one or more email account and it gets updated each time an email account is added. User may prefer a POP3/IMAP email account but at corporate level a MAPI profile is recommended.

Way to Set Up Outlook with IMAP/POP3 Account

Here we will see how to set up Outlook with IMAP/POP3 profile. We are using gmail account to setup this configuration.

Step1) Firstly, you need to login to your Gmail account. Hit at the gear button at top-right side of screen and choose "Settings" from drop down menu list.

Setting Options

Step2) Under "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, choose "Enable IMAP" and press "Save Settings".

enable imap

Step3) Go to "Control Panel" and hit the "Mail". A mail set up screen will appear and you need choose "Email Accounts…"

email account screen

Step4) Go through the "Email" tab, and press the "New" button.

Click on New Option

Step5) Mention the name of ISP Server you want to obtain.

define isp server

Step6) In the next Window, you need to type login details to set up Outlook. Click "Next".

credentials to set up Outlook

Step7) Outlook will start establishing connection with the Server.

start establishing connection

Step8) If your auto-configuration process fails then you need to choose "Manually Configure Server Settings".

Manually Configure Server Settings

Step9) In next screen, you need to fill carefully "Server Information".

Case 1: If your account type is IMAP

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Server Information

Finally, click on "More Settings" button.

Case 2: If account type is POP

Incoming Mail Server:

Click on "Advanced" tab. Here, set default port for incoming server (995) and outgoing Server(587).

incoming server (995) and outgoing Server

Note: For outgoing Server, select the encryption connection type first and then define the port number. If vice versa is done, then the port number will be reverted 25/587 and click "finish".

Click on Indexing Options

How to Configure Outlook with Exchange Server

Go through step3 as mentioned in above procedure and then the guidelines shared below:

Step1) On the Add Account wizard, click on "Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types".

Click on Indexing Options

Step2) In this page, define the Server type. Select "Microsoft Exchange or Compatible Services".

Microsoft Exchange or Compatible Services

Step3) a. In the text box for Server, enter "Outlook"

Enable the "Cached Exchange Mode" to create OST file

In the Username textbox, enter complete "Email Address"

Cached Exchange Mode

Hit the "More Settings" button.

Step4)Go through "Connection" tab and select "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP" under Outlook Anywhere section and hit the "Exchange Proxy Settings".

Exchange Proxy Settings

Step5)You need to fill all highlight sections of screen shots and select ok.

Click on Connection Settings Options

Cached Exchange Mode Options

Click on finish